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Civil Systems EngineeringArrival at the subway station Voltastraße

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Transition to the TIB campus


through the driveway of the Deutsche Welle Building you will get to the TIB campus

Entrance to the TIB campus


enter the TIB campus by passing the shown gate. Building 13B lies straight ahead

Building 13B


the entrances to the elevator (in the middle) and the staircase (right-hand side)

The elevator


we are located on the fourth floor

Fourth floor


to get to us please go through the right-hand glass door

Only a few steps left


take the right-hand corridor

Here you are


in room 475 you will find Prof. Hartmann, Claudia Hoffmann and Lucian Ungureanu


At the subway station Voltastraße there is the subway line U8 arriving.

From the station you wil have to walk to the intersection between the Brunnenstraße and Voltastraße/Lortzingstraße and there you turn into the Voltastraße and follow the course of the road on the right side until the Deutsche Welle building with their Neo Kyma restaurant.

From there you go through the Deutsche Welle driveway to your right as far as you can see the green fence on the left side. Simply go through that gate and then straight ahead lies the 13B building where we are situated in.

You have the option to either take the stairs or the elevator (Entrance 13B7, see picture).

If you get to the fourth floor, take the right-hand glassdoor, go through the second glass door and now you cannot miss it.

Room 475


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