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Agile Systems Engineering

In this module the students will learn the basics of civil systems engineering life cycle from the perspective of Agile Thinking. Agile thinking is a state of the art technique which make use of an user centered approach aiming to achieve an adaptive and responsive design process, as well a flexible, reconfigurable, extensible and scalable product. The module will start with an introduction to the state of the art of Agile Systems Engineering. Agile thinking applicability on investment planning, design process development and asset operation will be parts of the module where students will learn how to use agility to overcome the high level of uncertainty. Practical assignments will play an important role on understanding the theoretical part of the module. The students will learn how to use the simulation-based results obtained by using state of the art tools to support the decision making process in order to prepare an Agile Investment Plan. Agile Design development is highly connected to the output of Agile investment planning and the students will learn how to plan an agile design plan to cope with changes in requirements through advanced parametric design, early coordination and early involvement of all the parties. For the built asset operation phase the students will identify how the user centred design can improve the further development of a minimum-functional system to a highly user adapted system.




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