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Collaborative design room to support the decision-making process

The potential of integrated systems has been observed to reduce the required resources, to minimize planning and execution time and to move towards sustainability. Nevertheless, difficulties are faced during the integration of requirements and constraints of different stakeholders, which slows down the decision-making process and results in inefficiency. In order to shorten the time spent to integrate the systems, innovative solutions are needed to assist the decision-making process. In this context, a collaborative design room is being designed to support engineers and construction managers in the decision-making process. 

The decision room will be used to empirically test and explore how different simulation models and visualizations thereof can support knowledge intensive collaborative engineering work. The decision room will support decision-makers to

  • develop detailed engineering designs integrating all required parts and structures of an envisioned infrastructure or building system;
  • derive elegant construction plans and schedules to quickly build the system while minimizing resources required and reducing the impact on the public;
  • predict possible conflicts with the existing urban processes upfront in order to avoid costly hold-ups and changes during construction (fail often and early, but fail in the virtual world); and
  • align complex engineering design and construction supply chains that are responsible for implementing a solution​.



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