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Conference Papers

Guyo, Hartmann, & Ungureanu, 2021 - Interoperability between BIM and GIS through open data standards: An overview of current literature - accepted in CIB W78 - LDAC 2021 

Ungureanu LC., 2021. A Design Recommender System: A Rules-based Approach to Exploit Natural Language Imprecision using Belief and Fuzzy Theories, egi-ce Workshop 2021,  Berlin

Sebastian, R., Gralka, A., Olivadese, R. A., Revel, G. M., Hartmann, T., & Gutsche, C. (n.d.). Plug-and-Play Solutions for Energy-Efficiency Deep Renovation of European Building Stock. Buildings 2018(2).

Bindal-Gutsche, C; Hartmann, T. A product-centric approach for assessing the energy performance of solution for building renovations, eg-ice Workshop, 2019 Leuven

Ungureanu LC., Hartmann T., 2019. Information Extraction to Support Automation of Navigation through 3D Models During Collaborative Design Sessions, eg-ice Workshop 2019 Leuven

Kuenz, P., Ungureanu, L.C., Hartmann, T. and Albers, T., 2019. Simulation of Health and Safety Aspects during the Maintenance of Offshore Wind Farms. In Computing in Civil Engineering 2019: Smart Cities, Sustainability, and Resilience(pp. 507-514). Reston, VA: American Society of Civil Engineers.

Ungureanu LC., Hartmann T. (2019) Inside the Collective Mind: Features Extraction to Support Automated Design Space Explorations. In: Mutis I., Hartmann T. (eds) Advances in Informatics and Computing in Civil and Construction Engineering. Springer, Cham

Hartmann, Timo. "Engineering Informatics to Support Civil Systems Engineering Practice." Workshop of the European Group for Intelligent Computing in Engineering. Springer, Cham, 2018.

Lucian-Constantin Ungureanu, and Timo Hartmann. "Civil Systems Engineering: Definition and Basic Concepts." In Construction Research Congress 2018

Lucian-Constantin Ungureanu, and Timo Hartmann. "Natural Language Controlled Parametric Design" eg-ice workshop 2017

Bukhsh, Zaharah Allah, Timo Hartmann, Irina Stipanovic. "From Analysis of Information Needs towards an Information Model of Railway Infrastructure." eg-ice Workshop 2016 

Hartmann, Timo. "Serious Gaming in Construction Management Research and Education." Construction Research Congress 2016.



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