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Civil and Building Systems06.02.2017 - Paper accepted in Town Planning Review


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New Paper accepted in Town Planning Review

The paper 'Understanding the dilemmas of multifunctional regional planning' has been accepted in Town Planning Review. The paper was written together with co-authors Julieta Matos-Castano, Frederick van Mastel, und Geert Dewulf and focuses on 

- Realizing the potential of making dilemmas in multi-actor contexts explicit.

- Introducing a collaborative tool , the “dilemma cube”, to make dilemmas explicit.

- Describing a test of the “dilemma cube” in a workshop with stakeholders of a multifunctional flood defense project in The Netherlands.

- Identifying that the three-dimensional aspect of the tool allowed visualizing interdependent issues at stake and revealing project dilemmas that would have otherwise remained concealed.



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