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Civil and Building Systems06.11.2017 - Autodesk's FORGE DevCon - Conference in Darmstadt


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Autodesk's FORGE DevCon – Conference in Dramstadt

On 16.10.2017, two of our scientific researchers (Thamara Luup Carvalho and Nayab Bushra) have participated in the "European Developer Day" in Autodesk's FORGE DevCon; Conference in Dramstadt. The conference was focused on the Forge; to helping developers, and innovators to create the data, apps, experiences, and services. The event was held at AU Germany, where the participants came from all around the Germany including a large number or organizations, and institutions including the Technische Universität Berlin, Technische Universität Dramstadt, and the University of Münster.

During the morning sessions, Autodesk Senior Manager and Technologist; Arno Zinke talked about Future of Building Cloud Workflows with Autodesk, BIM Manager at CAD & Company; Collin van Kooten talked about Better communication using Autodesk Forge. In the evening sessions, Autodesk Developer Technical Consultant; Denis Grigor, talked about the Control and program of a real robot by manipulating its 3D model using Forge. The whole event was interesting, and our scientific researchers talked to different participants who were using the Autodesk's FORGE for their projects, where they shared their work.



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