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Civil and Building Systems10.5.2022 - A new paper published in "Design Studies"


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A new paper published in "Design Studies"

Montag, 21. Dezember 2020

A new paper was published in "Design Studies" named "Analysing frequent natural language expressions from design conversations". It was written by Dr. Lucian-Constantin Ungureanu and Prof. Dr. Timo Hartmann.


This paper extracts and analyses the most frequent natural language expressions used by participants in two real-world collaborative design sessions. The frequent expressions are extracted using the natural language processing technique of word sequence tokenisation. We then select a set of frequent expressions related to design changes. The boundaries of these are expanded by extracting the progression trends to identify specific speaker intents. These are analysed in detail while focusing on ambiguity and vagueness, aiming at identifying speakers’ precision when communicating design changes. We found that frequently used expressions play the role of language markers. In our discussion, we suggest that ambiguous and vague expressions used by participants can initiate mindful explorations of design space.

Further details can be found in the publications section.



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