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Civil Systems Engineering19.04.2018 - Start of Module – Integrated Collaborative Civil Systems Engineering

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Start of Module – Integrated Collaborative Civil Systems Engineering

Thursday, 19. April 2018

Our new Master class (MSC) module “Integrated Collaborative Civil Systems Engineering” started on 19.04.2018. In this module, students will learn about the potential of ICE (Integrated Collaborative Engineering) to support integrated systems engineering. We will provide students with a design challenge for a complex civil engineered product that they will solve through intensive collaborative group work. In this way, this hands-on project-based module will provide them with the possibility to experience collaborative engineering design in a simulated practical environment. Students will understand the real difficulties in model integration and learn techniques to overcome these problems through collaboration and concurrent work. An important focus of the course is to teach how to visualize engineering ideas in detail within media rich interdisciplinary workspaces (the class will be taught within the civil system group's ICE room).


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