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Civil and Building Systems20.06.2017 - THE (CO) DESIGN ROUNDTABLE - Meeting in Bremen


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THE (CO) DESIGN ROUNDTABLE - Meeting in Bremen

Almost two weeks ago the head of our department Prof. Timo Hartmann and two of our scientific researchers (Thamara Luup Carvalho and Lucian Ungunreanu) have participated "THE (CO) DESIGN ROUNDTABLE" meeting in Bremen.

The roundtable is part of the "CODESIGN 2017" event which is hosted by the University of Bremen. It "includes a series of mutually complementary events in the areas of artificial intelligence, spatial cognition, design computing and cognition, creativity, multi-modalty, communication and media, and human-behaviour studies" (© CODESIGN 2017).

The participants of this meeting came from all across the world, e.g. Australia, Italy, Japan, Sweden, United States. Besides the Technische Universität Berlin also the Humboldt-Universität Berlin, the University of Bremen, the University of Bamberg, the Technische Universität Dresden and the University of Münster represented Germany.

Prof. Hartman made a speech on "Non-Invasive Computer Supported Collaborative Engineering" concerning the challenges for engineers to collaborate due to the increasing complexity of engineering products and the promises of product development efforts. To work together effectively it is needed "to be supported by advanced parametric models and multi-physics engineering simulations during integrated collaborative engineering (ICE) meetings" (© CODESIGN 2017). Todays solutions hinder the users by being to complex for a non-expert to use and draw the attention towards the steering of the software rather than towards the to be engineering product. Further Prof. Hartmann provided some first ideas how to overcome that hurdle through non-intrusive design of engineering software and first thoughts and results of our research into semantic and ontological modeling, as well as, natural language steered parametric model control.


The Presentation


of our first thoughts and results of our research

Enjoying the evening


Thamara Luup Carvalho, Lucian Ungureanu, Prof. Timo Hartmann



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