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Selin Ortenburger provided a presentation at the University of Texas at Austin (US)

Front page of Selin Ortenburger's presentation at UT Austin

Selin Ortenburger, one of our master students, has provided the master and PhD students of the University of Texas at Austin with a presentation of her work on "Schedule optimization during construction phase - Creating a synergy between Lean Construction and BIM". As an example she presented the construction phase of the Ed. Züblin AG's Upper West Berlin project.

The Lean Construction is based on the Toyota Production System (TPS) and was developed 1948 and 1975 by two Japanese industrial engineers to reduce wastages during the production of cars. Lean Construction is the equivalent for the Construction industry and is not only focussed on improving one or several aspects of the construction process but strives to improve the whole life cycle of the building. It combines the clients goals towards a high-value building with the goals to reduce the wastages in material and time as well as continuous improvement in the deliverables.

As a result of that approach the Last Planner System was created. It is a short-term planning and scheduling system which makes lookahead schedules in discussion with the last planners (people who execute the work) based on the current situation.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a process which provides information of the to be constructed building to all participants of the project and helps avoiding errors in the modeling phase as well as in the construction phase. It can help to implement changes into one model everyone in the project team can access and in that way reduce misunderstandings.

With her work Selin Ortenburger tries to combine the two approaches/techniques to achieve a high performing building.

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