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Civil and Building Systems27.09.2018 - Paper accepted to 35th CIB W78 2018 Conference


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Paper accepted to 35th CIB W78 2018 Conference

Donnerstag, 27. September 2018


The research paper "Inside the Collective Mind: Features Extraction to Support Automated Design Space Explorations", written together by dr. Lucian Ungureanu and prof. Timo Hartmann was accepted to "35th CIB W78 2018 Conference". The authors will present the paper at the conference in Chicago, USA.

The paper investigates the possibility to extract meaningful information out of natural language design conversation. This meaningful information, referred to in this paper as features, represents possible design changes and solutions discussed during collaborative design sessions. Without relying on user input and without disrupting the natural course of the conversations, we envision an automatic implementation of these changes and solutions into a parametric model. The aim of such a system is to allow for an automatic design space exploration without interrupting the design sessions. In this direction, the paper employs mixed research methods which make use of quantitative and qualitative analysis. The results obtained indicate the possibility of extracting structured information to perform changes in various parametric models automatically. The paper also provides discussions around specific limitations, such as unclear precedents due to multi-modality input.

For further questions please contact Lucian Ungureanu.



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