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Voice-Controlled Design and Engineering

Chair of Civil and Building Systems
Institute of Civil Engineering
Technical University of Berlin

A close look at today's design practice in the field of Civil and Building engineerings reveal the need for innovative solutions towards transforming it into a smart design process. The current technological innovations in the computer sciences field unlock this possibility. The innovations which we think will help this reshape include machine learning, speech recognition, and game theory. Speech recognition tools facilitate human-machine interaction. Machine learning algorithms allow for knowledge mapping, inference and deduction towards a semantic collaboration. Combined with the use of parametric design, these tools can be used to support the smart collaborative design.

The chair of Civil and Buildings Systems investigate solutions towards supporting the collaborative design process by the use of natural language. Paradoxically, one of the major challenges is due to the advancements of the tools used during design. Lately, the complexity of these tools has increased, and often the users are using only a small part of the capabilities provides. This is because of the need of understanding and getting familiar with the software formalism. This means that the practitioners are spending a considerable amount of time on understanding the way the tools, basically created to support the process, can be used during the process.  The research team wants to flip the focus. Machines need to understand the formalism of the civil engineering field, in order to really support the process, and at the same time to allow the practitioners to focus on solving the design challenges.

Related Publications

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Lucian-Constantin Ungureanu, and Timo Hartmann. "Natural Language Controlled Parametric Design" eg-ice workshop 2017

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