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Advanced Engineering Informatics: Robotics in the Construction Industry Special Issue

This Special Issue in Advanced Engineering Informatics will elucidate the technical and institutional difficulties inherent in the construction industry with respect to developing robotic solutions for the construction industry. To this end, the focus of the special issue will not be on suggesting new mechatronic or software solutions, but will focus on how we can explicitly formalize complex knowledge of tradeswomen and engineers using robotic soft- and hardware solutions.

Download the first call for papers.

Potential topics will include:

- Computational design support for robotic construction

- Design of construction robotic systems for construction activities requiring high craftsmanship

- Advanced control strategies and artificial intelligence for robot locomotion and manipulation inspired by detailed studies of construction workers

- Sensing technologies for situation awareness in construction applications allowing to detect cues workers and site managers use in real practice

- Smart robot-robot and human-robot collaboration systems

- Novel applications of construction robots conducting complex non-mundane work

- Mobile, humanoid, and walking robots for construction work

- Ethical, legal, and social issues of construction robots

- Smart autonomous navigation of robotic systems based on formal knowledge

- Intelligent robotic swarms and auxiliary robotics for construction work

- Methods for simulating, controlling, and visualizing construction robotic work and work progress

- Research and design methods for robotic design and knowledge formalization


The plan and timeline for the special issue are:

- online workshop to present initial ideas (held on June-26 2020 - see below)

- submission of manuscripts through the Elsevier online submission system by November-1 2020

- journal review process: a minimum of three reviewers per paper, usually 2 revision cycles, all papers are pre-published after acceptance

- first papers online by April 2020

- finalization of the special issue by November 2021

Robotics Workshop

A first online workshop was held on June 26, 2020 discussing ideas for possible papers to include in the special issue. A number of pioneers in this field recognizing the potential importance of construction robots – as well as the challenges - discussed first suggestions for contributions to the Special Issue. The following ideas were presented at the workshop:


Robotics workshop
Qiuchen Zhu and Quang Ha
Hierarchical Residual Network with Bayesian Modeling for Robotic Vision-Based Crack Detection
Dongmin Lee and SangHyuen Lee
Deep Reinforcement Learning-enhanced Digital Twin for Robot Control in Robotized Off-Site Construction
Leyuan Ma and Hartmann Timo
Wall-climbing robot based system for automatic thermography detection of indoor hidden water damage
Gharbia Marwan and Chang-Richards Alice
Implementation of robotic technologies in building construction activities
Safa Mahdi and Sharma Nomita
The Necessity of Robotics Revolution for the Constrution Industry: COVID-19 related recession
Yifan Lyu and Heng Lee
Automated recycling of construction wastes using UAV and robotics
Wu Ming-Hui and Lin Jia-Rui
An agent based approach to simulate human-robot collaboration process in bricklaying

 To submit your manuscript to the Special Issue please use the submission system of Advanced Engineering Informatics here:


Under 'Select Article Type' please select 'VSI: Robotics in Construction' during submitting your manuscript. 





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